Fine Wines from Spain


For centuries Spain was the foremost producer of wine in the world by volume. Now Spanish wines have claimed their place as among the finest anywhere. New methods and equipment have allowed wineries to get the most out of ancient vineyards and rare varietals to create exceptional wines. Here we offer Spain’s best wines – reds, whites, rosados, sherries and cavas.

Jamón – Spanish Ham


Jamón is the trademark of Spanish cuisine, featuring prominently in virtually every restaurant and family kitchen. As home to two types of world famous cured hams, Spain honors its Jamón as both a cultural icon and everyday indulgence. The curing process is regarded as a sacred art, with many producers honoring traditions that go back thousands of years. At La Tienda, we provide you the best in the two distinctive types of Spanish ham: Jamón Serrano and Jamón Ibérico.

Paella Supplies


Paella is Spain’s most famous meal, and for good reason! This festive rice dish is great for parties and family gatherings. Surprisingly simple to make, the presentation on the table is always impressive, served right in its iconic pan. Whether you feature fresh local seafood, meats or seasonal vegetables, the end result is your personal creation. Here we offer you all the tools and ingredients to create an authentic paella, including pans, burners, kits and great paella rice. ¡Buen Provecho!

Gourmet Spanish Vinegars

Spain is a country famed for its wines, so as you would expect it also has some excellent wine vinegars! Its most famous vinegar is from Jerez, the home of oak cask aged sherry. It is surprisingly dry and complex, a dynamic alternative to the sweet Balsamics on the market. We offer some excellent aged sherry vinegars, along with sweet Pedro Ximenez and other excellent vinegars.

Gourmet Olives


Do you love the crunch of a great olive? That perfect saltiness and satisfying bite is what we explored Spain to find. Our favorites are meaty, flavorful olives with not too much salt, so the taste shines through. We’ve sampled hundreds of olives from dozens of suppliers and selected only the very best – from cracked Verdial olives marinated in herbs and garlic to Gordal olives stuffed with almonds, lemon peel and more!